Our Operation

Cleanliness and quality are of the utmost importance to Stoddard Honey. All of our equipment used to extract and store the honey, is of high grade stainless steel.

Our honey is extracted through a unique system that ensures our customers the finest quality of honey available in the industry.

This is honey like it used to be! It is not filtered, only lightly screened. It is not heated above the temperature that would destroy beneficial nutrients and enzymes that are found in raw honey.

We package our honey in five pound tubs, and sell them singly or six to a case. We welcome all order sizes and will deliver on certain orders. Since we only provide you with honey that comes from our bees, once our supply runs out, then the honey house is shut down for the season.

We take pride in bringing to you natures natural sweetener “The way it used to be!”

Click here to see a detailed description of our extracting process.

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