Honey! Natures Natural Sweetener

Our honey is not pasteurized, but only lightly heated. Because of this, our honey retains all the essential nutrients and enzymes as found in raw honey! Our honey is "The way it used to be!"

When we process our honey, we first let it sit in our tanks for a week so that all the wax and other impurities will settle to the top. After that, we lightly heat it and pour it through a fine screen in order to catch any other impurities. From there, it drains into a second tank. Once in the tank, we allow it to settle for a day so that air bubbles will rise to the top.

After all this is complete, we then drain it into tubs or bears, and then deliver the final product to you! Because of the way we extract and process our honey, this honey is as good as it was when it was in the hive!

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