Our History

Stoddard Honey Co. was established back in 1947 by Stephen Oran Stoddard and eventually passed on to his son Stephen Edward Stoddard, who along with his wife Anne, continues to run the business today.

We operate approximately 1,400 colonies of bees, which are used for honey production, as well as in helping to pollinate California’s extensive almond groves. We transport our bees from Delta, UT to California, Nevada, and South Dakota.
We specialize in the lighter grades of honey and do not purchase honey from any other source.

Much of our honey is shipped to major packers in 55 gallon drums. However, we save some of our finest honey to be sold to the public. At Stoddard Honey we take extreme pride in making sure you get the finest quality honey. Our honey is “The way it used to be!”

This is a picture of the late Stephen Oran Stoddard, the Founder of Stoddard Honey Co., getting things ready to go into the bee yard!

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