Our Operation: Extracting Process

After taking the honey off the hives and loading it on the truck, we bring it back to our warehouse and put it in the heat room. In the heat room the honey is kept at a temperature of 95-100 degrees. We do this, so that the honey will come out of the frames when we extract it.

Uncapping the honey
We take a stack of honey from the heat room, which is fives boxes high with nine frames in each box. We then begin to uncap the honey on our vibrating steam knife. Here you run both sides of the frame over the knife. We do this so that the honey can be spun from the comb in the extractors. Don't be fooled from the pictures below, all the frames are the same honey. However, the middle picture looks black because the wax in the frames darken over time.

The Extractors
After the honey has been uncapped, then someone takes those frames and places them in the extractors. We have two extractors and each one holds 84 frames of honey. Through a process of centrifuge, the honey is spun out of the frames to the sidewall of the extractor. When the honey has been extracted from the frames, the frames are put back into their boxes and stored in our comb room until they are placed back on the bees.

The Dryer
Are you wondering what happens with all the honey and wax capping's that come off the frame after being run over the steam knife? Well, it all falls into a stainless steel auger that moves the honey up into the machine we call the Dryer. This machine is kind of like an extractor tilted on its side. While it is spinning inside, the honey and wax fall on the screen and all the honey is spun out of the loose wax. The honey eventually feeds into the same tank in the floor that the extractors feed into. Once the honey is all separated from the loose wax, the wax is then dry and is scraped off the screen. The wax is then put into barrels where it will be melted into pure bees wax later.

Pumping the honey
After the honey has been uncapped and extracted, it then slowly drains into a stainless steel tank in the floor. Here, through a unique warming process and a massive gear pump, we are able to pump our honey with minimal heat into our stainless steel tanks in the other room. This is extremely important, because if honey reaches to high of a temperature, then essential nutrients and enzymes are lost. After the honey goes in the large tanks, we let it settle up so that all the wax and other particles float to the top. Once the honey is settled we lightly screen it, or if it settles long enough then we don't need to screen it. After all this we then drain it into tubs for you! This is 100% pure, clean, raw, all natural honey. This is why our honey is "Honey like it used to be!"

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