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South Dakota Sweet Clover

We are looking to get some good quality Sweet Clover Honey from South Dakota this year. In years past this has been the best seller and we'll be sure to update the website as soon as it comes in.

In Stock

California Sage

This honey comes from the Sage plant in Southern California. It has a nice mild fruity flavor and is our slowest honey to granulate. The color is light but is no where near as light as our Sweet Clover.

Out of stock


Delta Alfalfa Our bees have been producing Aflalfa Honey from Delta, UT for over 50 years! This year our bees made some beatiful honey with a flavorful, yet mildly pleasant, taste. While not as light as the Sweet Clover honey, this is our nations second most popular honey!

In Stock

Note: Inventory is updated every two weeks. Place your order as soon as possible, because once the honey runs out, there will be no more until next season. We only package honey that comes from our bees.

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